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Caversham Wildlife Park

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Caversham Wildlife Park is a unique property full of many native Australian wildlife. A real Australian animal experience in the wildlife park. You can feed the kangaroos and walk with them. Cuddle a wombat and view their Australian koalas. The Farm show gives you an overview of Australian culture and farm life in a short time. Caversham Wildlife Park is only 30 minutes from Perth city.
Caversham Wildlife Park

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Animal Shows at Caversham Wildlife Park

Meet the Koalas

Caversham Wildlife Park Koalas
Caversham Wildlife Park’s Australian koalas love to sleep and eat. You can get up close and personal to get a true experience of these magnificent creatures at this wildlife park in Perth.

Feed the Kangaroos

There is an abundance of kangaroos waiting to be fed at Caversham Wildlife Park. Enjoy hand feeding the kangaroos and if they are hungry enough you may even get to pat one. Walk around the enclosure and see all types of our furry friends. Enjoy hanging out with them at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Meet the Wombat & Friends

The wombat is one of our favourite friends. They are cuddly and fun and are more than happy for you to give them a cuddle. Caversham Wildlife Park allows you to cuddle the wombat and take lots of pictures during their photo-taking session.

Molly’s Farm

Molly’s Farm at Caversham Wildlife Park is a lovely opportunity to see many of the farm animals up close and enjoy feeding them in an enclosure. The sheeps, horses and goats are always hungry.

Farm Show

This is a special farm show put on at Caversham Wildlife Park for your entertainment. Crack the whip, feed the lambs, muster sheep all in the small enclosure.

Animal Presentations

All the animals at Caversham Wildlife Park are for you to see up close and personal. They are similar to a zoo as they are in enclosures. You get many animals in a small area, a chance to feed them and take many pictures.


6 Sections of Caversham Wildlife Park

North East

The animals and plants in this section of Caversham Wildlife Park represent the tropical part of our fascinating country. Australia has many unique wildlife and fauna. Complete with a peaceful walk-through aviary, this section is the start of your relaxing journey around the park.

Kangaroo Enclosure

This spacious and relaxing exhibit runs through the middle of Caversham Wildlife Park. You can enjoy feeding the animals and engage with a variety of species of kangaroos and wallabies. Kangaroo food is provided here.

South West

The animals and plants in this section represent our very own part of Australia. You will get many native plants and animals in a small area and can enjoy many species that are found locally around Perth, and the South West. You will see some amazing bird life in the walk-through aviary. Have some photos taken with the spectacular Australian Grass Trees.

Molly’s Farm

This is where some of Caversham Wildlife Park’s farm animals reside. Get up close and personal with a variety of friendly animals in the barns, and then take a walk through the paddocks to meet some of the larger animals, such as the ostrich and buffalo. Animal food is provided here at your leisure to feed the animals.


The animals and plants in this section represent Australia’s most arid region. Embark on a journey of red, rocky landscapes, sounds of Kookaburra calls and balmy outback atmosphere. This will give you a feel of what they outback has to offer before you actually visit their.

South East

The animals and plants in this section of Caversham Wildlife Park represent the diversity of the coastal, forest and mountainous areas in Australia’s south east corner. There is an aromatic scent of Eucalyptus in this section. The fresh air and coastal beaches of Western Australia are surely unique to Australia and we recommend you visit and swim in our pristine oceans.


How To Get To Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is located inside Whiteman Park. To enter Whiteman Park, use the Lord Street or Beechboro Road entrance. Entry to Whiteman Park is free.


If coming by GPS, enter Lord Street, Whiteman, 6068 or Beechboro Road, Whiteman, 6068.

Public Transportation

Catch bus number 955 or 956 from Bassendean to Ellenbrook. Get off bus at Whiteman Park.

From Perth CBD

Off Beechboro Road, near Reid highway via the Swan Valley. Only 25 minutes from Perth City, a short picturesque drive through Historic Guildford via Swan Valley, to Whiteman Park into Caversham Wildlife Park.

From Joondalup

Wanneroo Road to Gnangara Road then turn off to Beechboro road near Swan valley. Only about 20 minutes from Joondalup.


Address of Caversham Wildlife Park

Unit B 99 Lord St Whiteman Pk
WHITEMAN, Western Australia 6068

Tel:(08) 9248 1984
Fax:(08) 9248 1985


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