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Enjoy Farm Stay Near Perth, WA

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Enjoy Farm Stay Near Perth, WA

Many trust that you can never fully experience the “real” Western Australia unless you step outside the city and far from the drift. The is a real fact that the main part of Western Australians live in Perth (around 1.7 million out of 2.3 million) and an extraordinary great share of the rest live in the local waterfront towns, yet there are those that carry on an alternate kind of existence, live on the land. For travellers who need to get away from the bustle of city life for some time, encountering this peaceful way of life in all its glory is a real alternative. Farm stays near Perth WA offer the opportunity to get your hands filthy, work with animals, take in the Australian colourful shrub especially in the wildflower season ( Sept – Nov), get out and best of all, meet local people who are working the land.

If you are planning a visit with your family then the best type of farm stay would be one that permits the children to hand feed the animals, gather the eggs for breakfast, catch a freshwater crayfish, eat a witchetty grub and catch little fish’s along the shore line. If part of the plan is to escape from the genuine family then you may wish to pick a Perth farmstay remain that has an independent location and takes into consideration long lackadaisical bush walks, fishing by the lake and a drop of good red wine before the fire.

If you are travelling solo and need some company, then search for an Australian farm stay in Perth that invites you into the residence and offers healthy home-cooked foods and a rooftop over your head. In return, you may need to recipocate and get your hands dirty. What direction you head for from Perth will rely on upon how much time you have up your sleeve or what part of the state you might want to explore. However for the short stay visitor 100k as the crow flies from the city will give you an opportunity to see all you want to see in W.A.

One of the advantages of any Perth farm stay is living with local people who know the land around them superior to any travel book or traveller handout. If you have for a long while been spending time in a specific zone as a result of your enthusiasm for say birds or wine then you should tie this in with your farm stay.

If you are looking for the best Perth farmstay then Boshack Outback offers you a wide assortment of options according to your needs. This 250-acre farm is located approximately 90 minutes north-east of Perth, allowing you to experience the best three accommodation options including Bed and Breakfast Host Farmstay, Humpy Farmstay,  Safari Tents and Rustic Glamping farm stay.


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