Bushwalk: Experience wildflowers and wildlife

Aussie Outback Adventure - Australian wildflowers in the bushDuring the bushwalk, your guide will show you kangaroo trails from our wild resident kangaroos who come out at dusk and dawn to feed. See the many species of native wildflowers as you walk through some of the most pristine and virgin bushlands in the area.

Canoe on Lake Serene

Pick your canoe and set off onto our Lake Serene to enjoy the peace and quiet. Look into the crystal clear waters to see if you can find any fish! Don’t forget to look at the skies as you might be able to catch various species of native birds roaming the area. Browse the land around you to see if you can spot the wildlife hiding in the bushes or even our long neck turtles scavenging for food in the lake.

Campfire and skies full of stars

Aussie Outback Adventure - Roaring campfire at Boshack FarmIf you are staying the night in our glampers, you will see the millions of stars come out at night and they’re much brighter away from the city lights. Absorb the peaceful atmosphere as you sit beside a glowing campfire (seasonal) and spin some yarns under a moonlit sky. The famed Southern Cross, Milky Way and even a satellite or two can be recognised as you relax and experience the true essence and soul of the Australian outback.