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Perth Day Tours

Perth Day Tours

A Day tour is a great way to experience the real Australian culture and Perth tourist attractions and this unique Day Tour from Perth, Western Australia would be one of the most popular. Check out Trip advisor search ‘Boshack’.

Boshack Eco Adventure Day tour, departs Perth, Western Australia at 8 am heading to Boshack Eco Farm for lots of farm fun and outback adventure. The Perth Day Tour will take you to one of Western Australia’s most iconic Farms and tourist attractions only 90 minutes from Perth, where you will experience Animal Feed, Trailer rides, bushwalking, Nature Play, Billy Tea & Damper, Boomerang throwing, water divining, Didgeridoo & dreamtime stories, Aboriginal & West Australian Culture, Lake Canoe, Aussie Tucker (Lunch) lakeside, Yabbi fishing.

Departing Boshack Eco Farm after lunch you will enjoy a scenic drive back to Perth, Western Australia, via the Chittering Valley with a Fruit orchard stop and fruit tasting, followed by a Swan Valley Winery drive, with a chocolate tasting.

Back in Perth, Western Australia at 5pm. The Boshack Perth Day tour can be extended for 1N2D, so please get in touch with Boshack Eco Farm Stay.CanoeingAfternoonLight1