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Something about Boshack Outback

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Boshack has preserved the real Australia of pioneering times. It’s unique and pristine.

A magical place where emotions of wonderment and admiration evolve as the meander through the special places begins.

An important reminder of the heritage of pioneering settlers and the aborigines before them, it’s nature’s shrine to their lives.

The bush areas remain untouched, and authentic structures replicate early shelters built from found timber and natural brush thatching just as the pioneers constructed them.

Hear of their Spartan diet provided by living off the land. They learned how to utilize natural bush tucker such as nuts, seeds and roots to supplement the native animals they caught. Times were difficult and how enterprising and resourceful they had to be to survive.

The Boshack experience walks you back in time and for part of a day you can see, feel and absorb the peace of the Australian bush and only imagine and admire the resourcefulness displayed by our forebears as they settled the district.

The owners have developed a wonderful tour following the natural trails through the bush highlighting the features and species of flora in their native environs. Informed and descriptive commentary on the local wildlife makes the walks interesting.

Contemplate the serenity of the beautiful freshwater lake and its wild birds as you canoe and drink in the calming atmosphere on the water. No excursion is complete without refreshments and the tastes of the food the early pioneers and a hearty Aussie bush barbeque lunch and afternoon tea as part of a perfect package.

A day at Boshack offers a new perspective on eco tourism and a rare peek back in time with custodians who respect and love the bush and welcome the chance to share an unforgettable experience.

– Written by local correspondent Gwenda Mcgill