Best Farmstay Experience in Western Australia (Perth Outback Tour)

Come experience Boshack Outback – a real working farm. The Wild Eco Outback Adventure tour features a wide variety of activities designed to appeal to adults and children. You will visit Boshack’s very own farm. Come breathe fresh clean air and view vast open spaces. The Wild Eco Outback Adventure tour promises you an unforgettable outdoor adventure in the Australian outback.

Tour activities include (4 hours duration): $90 Adults & $60 Child (3-12yrs)

Billy Tea & Damper is an authentic Australian morning or afternoon tea. Our guide will show you how billy tea is made, for you to taste. Our damper being our Aussie bush bread please try with our preserves.

Trailer Ride: All aboard the Boshack Express. Our scenic mode of transport on the farm gives you a great view of the countryside as you enjoy our trailer ride across the farm.
Boomerang Throwing:    Before the white settlers came here the Aborigines used to hunt for their food using boomerangs. Learn how they used them by watching a demonstration. Then try your hand at throwing a boomerang.  
Water Divining:Used for thousands of years water divining is an ancient art of discovering underground water streams known as ‘aquifers’. Try your hand at this ancient art to see if you have a natural gift in water divining.

Free Range farm animal feed:  Our free range farm animals live in the fields and enjoy their special treat of being hand fed by our visitors. We have different types of animals depending on the season.


Aboriginal Dreamtime, Didgeridoo Playing & Witchetty Taste: Experience the ways of the early pioneers and aboriginals thousands of years ago. Sit in the oasis environment amongst the paperbark forest. Blow the didgeridoo and hear a dreamtime story and try a Whitteji Grub and aboriginal specialty

Lifestyle and Culture of our Forefathers: A talk on how our ancestors lived and experienced the outback, then you will learn how to eat the local delicacies of the witchetty grub. Listen to how they survived in the harsh bush environment.

Early Settler and Aboriginal History: The setting in the paperbark forest goes back thousands of years.  It was the perfect relaxing area in early life when there was no air-conditioning in the hot weather.  

Paperbark forest walk and Historic Well:  A 50 meter walk through the cleanest and freshest air one can experience. Visit one of the original settler’s water holes which provided the freshest of water.

Yabbi Netting: The bush freshwater crayfish was an alternative to the meat diet in the bush. This crayfish is very similar to the ordinary crayfish that is caught from the sea.  

Canoeing:Supervised canoeing on Lake Serene. A 25acre springfed freshwater lake is so clear you may be able to see the fish swimming around. You really feel like you are away from it all when on this lake, a feeling like no other… enjoy the tranquility…     

Net Fishing:    The early settlers did not have the local shops to go to if they could not catch their own food. Collect a net and recycled container to try your hand at catching a fish of any size.  

Please let the fish go afterwards as we care for the creatures in our environment.

Sustainable Environment: Boshack Farmstay is solar powered and has its own fresh drinking water, we look to preserve this environment for future generations.

Lakeside Relaxation Boshack Lakeside is a unique oasis in the outback, unwind, relax & be at peace in this majestic environment.

Please read on for more information:

Outback Australia
Do a bushwalk on kangaroo trails. Take a trailer ride through pristine bushland. Experience seasonal wildflowers along the way. Canoe on Lake Serene with seasonable wildlife like birds, fish & long neck turtles. If you are staying over, enjoy skies full of stars at the seasonal campfire. Read more
Pioneer Australia
Enjoy a walk through the eerie paperbark forest and view a historic well. Experience how pioneers used to live in this bushland.Read more
Aboriginal Dreamtime
While nestled in the paperbark forest, listen to Aboriginal and early pioneer stories and play the didgeridoo. Read more
Australian Billy Tea
Experience billy tea & damper scones. For lunch, savour  traditional aussie BBQ.
Australian Wildlife
Birds, Reptiles, Marron, fish & local farm animals, help feed the farm animals. Read more
Outdoor Adventure Education Learn of our local Australian culture, to understand what it is like to live on a farm. The Australian Outback fauna and flora is something a little different as you enjoy the scenery at Boshack  Read more
Sustainable Living
Experience solar power & Yabbi fishing by pulling the nets.