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Western Australia Wildflower Areas of Interest

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Western Australia Wildflower Areas of Interest

The rain came to Western Australia early this year which means it is one of the best wildflower season we have seen. Western Australia has the world’s largest collection of wildflowers with over 12,000 species. There are many places to see carpets of pink, yellow or white everlastings. Hunt for orchids and other rare species of flowers.

It has even been reported that as it is one of the best wildflower season we have seen and the colours are so vivid that it can been seen from space!

The season starts in August and there are many locations to see the wildflowers in bloom. You don’t have to go too far from Perth to see the wildflowers in all their glory. Here are three places that we like to day a day trip from Perth to explore the wildflowers.

Avon Valley

The Avon Valley is just an hours drive east of Perth with rolling hills and winding rivers. The perfect place for a day trip or a weekend away. The Avon valley takes in the towns of Toodyay, York, Northam, Chittering, Beverly and Goomalling. Each country town has it’s own unique charm. Wildflowers are in abundance during spring and there are many scenic spots to enjoy a picnic and admire the wildflowers.

Chittering Valley

Chittering Valley is nestled in the northern hills of the Darling Range and only an hours drive from Perth. During spring the Chittering Valley comes alive with wildflowers. In September the annual Wildflower Festival is held in the town of Bindoon. There are many drives and walking trails that meander through the hills and where you can view wildflowers.


The wheatbelt offers many tourist routes through the wildflower country. Dalwallinu has the largest density of Wattle species to be found anywhere in the world. There is also the unusual Wreath Flower. Visit locations such as Petrudor Rocks, Buntine Rock and the town of Perenjori which usually has a good display.

Wildflowers at Perenjori – Photo courtesy of Let Me Be Free

Wildflowers are not always seen in the same location and they may only be around for a short time. Visit a local tourist centre so they can advise where they best spot is to visit to see the wildflowers. Remember not to pick the wildflowers are they are here today and gone tomorrow.