A Vulcan Cricket that once belonged to President Truman – perhaps?

This is the second time this Vulcan Cricket has made it to Bring A Loupe. It was actually introduced two years ago when it was finally passed on. It will be offered again at the end of the month and I believe the provenance is a bit hastily determined .It has indeed been proven fake watches that this watch was NOT the famous cricket gifted to Harry Truman by the White House press corps. The unmarked case back and different dial were so easy to identify. This watch comes from the estate of Margaret Truman - Harry's daughter - and therefore could have belonged to the President or some of his family members, perhaps Margaret herself, which could explain the more feminine look of the bracelet.

This cricket is offered here, while below you will find images of Truman's most famous Vulcain.Buyer Beware: Why chrome or gold plated is not a good idea, using a Heuer reference 7721 as an example.Nowadays, finding a clean two-register chronograph from Tag Heuer replica for less $2,500 seems like a great coup, doesn't it? I mean, good looking dial, the right logo – but if you start looking at the case, the opportunity suddenly becomes much less appealing. You can clearly see some darker spots where the chrome is flaking off. This is exactly why I would not recommend to ever go for chrome cases – or gold-plated ones for that matter – both are cheaper to get, but wear off very quickly. Note that here the case back is in stainless steel, and marked accordingly – this mix can sometimes be confusing. You can find more on those “economy models” from Heuer here.This marbled Heuer is listed for 2,250 Euros (or around $2,450) here.