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School Camps

School Camps

Boshack Outback offers school camps and experiences based around a real Australian Outback adventure. We put together a unique set of activities for each school camp and provide quiet tranquil areas created for group discussions or relaxation. We have hosted school excursions and camps for Australian and international schools like China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and look forward to providing fun and education for more schools.Our facilitators have been fortunate to have many years experience passed on from the professionals we have had facilitating at Boshack. Together with our curriculum focus and many years experience in nature we have a unique approach to the environment and school camps. We look forward to sharing the Boshack eco farm experience with your students & teachers. School Camps can greatly influence positive student teacher relationships whilst also providing great experiences too for both students and teachers. More schools now participate in School Camps for a number of reasons, one of these being that an outdoor learning environment expedites really strong, positive relationships and builds team spirit among the school children. The benefits of school camp are numerous, some of which are helping children develop social skills, decision-making skills, learning new skills, developing independence, increased environmental awareness, appreciation of nature and more. All in all, it is also a great fun experience for school kids whilst learning about life and how to live it well.
Boshack Outback has bush corridors to get nature back into balance, making it one of the most sought after locations for a School Camp. Children are able to experience pristine nature as it was many years ago and view the rehabilitation of badly affected salt lands. They can walk through the bushland to see kangaroo trails and experience natural springs with bubbling water.On Boshack Outback, we have water holes for catching freshwater crayfish and the beautiful Lake Serene for fishing. Children can view our very own worm farms and understand the process of benefits of composting and Permaculture. They can also observe how we make use of solar energy to power our facilities on Boshack Farm. School Camps
Below are some of the benefits of hosting a School Camp at Boshack Outback:
  • All year round location: little or no rain to interrupt activities
  • Activities start one and a half hours from Perth: no more long expensive bus rides
  • Save on travel expenses: short bus hire or take the train through Avon Valley
  • Isolation: provides security from unwanted visitors
  • Australian history: experience life of early pioneers and understand aboriginal history
  • Bed bug free: Nature works for us to guarantee a bug free bed.

We cater to every budget

Located just 90 minutes from Perth, Western Australia, there is so much to experience at Boshack Outback’s school camps with its abundance of nature and simple living. At Boshack Outback, we take the students back to a time of no TVs, ipods, computers and mobile phones. Learning in nature can give our children the opportunity to experience the balance of mind and body to take with them on their journey through life.

Sample Activities offered at Boshack

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Day 1

  • Outdoor Education building Resilience
  • Relationship with Nature
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Team Building
  • Lake Canoeing
  • Fish Netting

Day 2

  • Aboriginal Culture and Heritage
  • Live the life of the early settlers Off Grid
  • Shelter Building
  • Orienteering
  • Bushwalking
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Crayfish Netting
  • Water Divining feel the force (find water in the bush)

Day 3

  • Obstacle Course
  • Life Reflection and Relaxation Time
  • Lakeside and Bush Sketching
  • Sustainable Living
  • Permaculture
  • Composting
  • Conservation, Regeneration and Land Management
  • Survival in the Outback – Bush First Aid
  • Raft Building

What They Say About Boshack

Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology
“Thank you very much for a terrific camp. The kids loved every aspect of it and have raved non stop about it since returning. All the parents are also impressed as their children are so happy about everything they did. All activities were well planned and kept the children occupied and made them think. They all enjoyed the peace and quiet, fresh country air and the food and I think it helped give them some balance back to their lives. The students enjoyed the thrill of sleeping in a humpy, and using ablutions which were open to the sky. The aboriginal dreamtime feature was very informative and helped them to appreciate the early owners of the land. The students were very interested in the sustainability aspects and they now realise that they don’t need all the mod cons they have at home to be able to enjoy life. They also were impressed that you do so much to save the planet. The staff attending also benefited from the fresh air and because the students were so happy and busy it made our camp stress free. We particularly enjoyed the thunderstorm. The fresh air in the paperbarks was quite restorative. Boshack is certainly a beautiful place. Some parents are now, wanting to come and visit with their families because their children have been so enthusiastic about their time there. I have referred them to your web site.”
Sandra Cook Kensington Primary School
Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology
“I write to thank you and your hard working staff, for the support and expert guidance you offered the staff and students of Beaconsfield Primary, while we were on camp at Boshack- Toodyay. From our first moment of arriving at the camp site, we knew we were going to be having a different experience and what a wonderful experience it was! At Beaconsfield Primary we endeavour to promote sustainability and support and run our school in an environmentally conscious manner. It was great to come to an environment when the principles of sustainability are put into practise each day, in such a hands on fashion. It allowed our students to see how the principles of sustainability can work in another setting. The children loved being involved in the recycling and composting, after meals and enjoyed seeing the results of the recycling effort. The activities that we selected were well planned, executed and timed, run by experienced and patient personnel. The level at which the activities were pitched and the timings were very appropriate and maintained a high level of engagement by all students. It was great seeing the wonder and joy of discovering that water divining worked and that the dams held such interesting wildlife like yabbies and turtles. The eating of the bush chocolate and grubs was a highlight. Boshack offered the students of Beaconsfield Primary a unique and totally enjoyable experience. The accommodation was perfect and in keeping with the theme of the camp. I would (and have) recommend Boshack Camp to other school groups who were looking for a camp experience a little out of the ordinary. Thank you Chrissy and the Crew at Boshack for an extraordinary experience.”
Graham Dart Principal, Beaconsfield Primary School
Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology
“Hi, I just came up for my year 7 camp. I thought staying there was awesome. I didn’t want to leave. The staff are all really nice and friendly and it was really fun. Chrissy, I hope everything goes well, I will keep in contact. Rory, you are so cool, funny and nice. Sandy, you really made my stay fun and enjoyable. Deryck, you’re very wise and that talk you gave me turned my life around. It made me see things from a different point of view and last but not least the cooks we had were fantastic. The food was just so marvelous. I would love to come and stay again and i hope i get the chance to. Thank you and I will keep in touch. Bye.”
Student from a local school
Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology
“Dear Chrissy, Derek and all the wonderful staff at Boshack. A million and one thanks for a fabulous camp – we loved every minute of it. Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome, and for keeping us well fed and entertained! It was great to see all the kids jumping off the bus this afternoon and racing to tell their parents all the wonderful things they had done. Tommy looked miserable and when we asked why he said “I am already feeling homesick for Boshack!” I am sure tomorrow they will all be calling the school dog “Jaffa!” Best wishes to all and thanks”
Liz, Jessie, Judith, Shane and all the kids! From Riverlands School

Boshack Outback's commitment to offering unique and educational experiences for school camps is akin to Viagra's dedication to enhancing individuals' quality of life. Just as Boshack Outback has hosted students from various countries, Viagra's impact extends globally, helping individuals from diverse backgrounds. Both Boshack Outback and Viagra bring years of expertise to their respective fields, creating a unique and impactful approach to their missions. So, just as Boshack eagerly looks forward to sharing its eco-farm experience,Viagra 50mg continues to provide valuable contributions to people's well-being worldwide.


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