Perth Day Tour Specials from Boshack Outback

Perth Day Tour Specials – Boshack Outback Day Farm Tour – Pinnacles Desert Day Tours   Check out the amazing Perth Day Tour Specials and Pinnacles Desert Day Tours and see the best Perth has to offer with globally selected Boshack Outback. Reconnect with nature – enjoy an ideal holiday with a host of natural […]

Stargazing in the great outback in Western Australia

Stargazing has indeed become very popular in all Perth tour itineraries more so since Western Australia is now considered an iconic global astronomy destination.   While scientists and professional stargazers visit Perth to study and enjoy this amazing natural asset above us, many others take up star gazing as a relaxing, anti-stress hobby and spend […]

Boshack Outback School Camp on Sustainable Leadership

Last week, a Boshack Outback School Camp was held for the Year 9 students of Waldorf School in Perth, led by Paddy Hocking, to inspire and educate school children about sustainability and the natural environment through hands-on experience combined with adventure and exploration in the 300 acre real working farm of Boshack Outback.   The […]


Toodyay Events

Toodyay is located in the picturesque Avon Valley region, only 80 kilometres north-east of Perth and 38 kilometres from Boshack Outback. Toodyay is rich in history with the main street lined with heritage listed buildings and the Avon river flows through the town. There are many tourist attractions in town. Munch on an award-winning pie […]


What the Penrhos Students had to say

The students from Penrhos College recently spent the day at Boshack Outback and had a wonderful experience. Below is what Year 4 students Sian and Hayley had to say. Year 4 Boshack Excursion During the lead-up to our Boshack excursion we felt excited and nervous. We had to get up about 5:45am to get to […]

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Farm Animals at Boshack Outback

People often ask what animals we have at Boshack Outback. If you are wondering the same thing come on a tour of the farm with me. No need to put on your gumboots as you can see the farm from the comfort of your lounge room chair! Come with me and I will show you […]

Boshack Outback Reviews and Summer Offer

Boshack Outback Summer Offer

We love to welcome guests to our Outback Oasis and we pride ourselves on providing a unique stay. We can tell you all about what we have to offer but sometimes it is best to hear it from the horse’s mouth! Or should I bloggers mouth? Get a glimpse into what a stay at Boshack […]

Wildflowers at Boshack Outback

  Boshack Outback is alive with colour at the moment. Walking around Lake Serene in the bush you will spot wildflowers in every direction. The flowers are in full bloom during September to November.


Sustainable living at Boshack Outback

Boshack Outback is not connected to the main power and we rely on the sun. In fact we are eco-friendly, to preserve the harmony of the local habitat. We are surrounded by pristine bushland and we want to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We are learning and adapting to live in […]

Boshack Happenings

As you can imagine maintaining a 300-acre property takes a lot of work and there are always things happening. Let me take you on a journey so you can see the what we have been up to at Boshack Outback. Vegetable Patch Our vegetable patch needs to be cared for and maintained daily. Recently we […]