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Weather and Travel Tips

Weather and Travel Tips

At Boshack Outback, we mostly have sunshine and clear skies. Dress for mild to warm weather, and bring a hat, sunglasses and suncream.

Evenings. The evenings are a consistently beautiful time year round, with mild conditions ideal for sitting by Lake Serene.

Summer. An average summer day has a maximum temperature in the low to mid 30s. We have some very hot summer days around 36 to 40°C . These days are by no means uncomfortable, but we will show you the techniques the pioneers used to stay cool in the Australian Outback.

Winter: You will need a cardigan or sweater. Winter at Boshack is mild, with an average maximum around 18°C and many days a balmy 20 to 25°C. We get a lot of clear blue skies. The temperature can get down to 1°C at 6am, and rises around 5°C an hour until about 10am. One third of Perth’s rainfall comes in Winter. So if the weather is looking bad in Perth, come up to Boshack.

What to bring

Boshack Outback includes accommodation with shared toilets, shower, and cooking facilities. Cooking facilities include BBQ and burners, and kitchen utensils. If you did not purchase your beds to be made and food to be supplied, then bring your own bedding and an extra blanket if required and your own food and drinks in coolers with ice. If you prefer to travel light, pre-order meal options with us. And of course, do not forget your sense of adventure and a smile.

Useful Resources

Avon Valley Map (176 kb)
Chittering Valley Map (605 kb)
New Norcia Heritage Trail, Map and History (409 kb)
Swan Valley Map (1.6 mb)
Toodyay Regional Map and Guide (1.8 mb)

Today’s Weather at Boshack

Click on the maps below to get recent weather conditions, and current satellite and radar images. Northam is about 40 minutes from Boshack, and gives the best view of recent weather at Boshack.

Today’s Weather Northam

Bureau of Meterology Weather Northam
Current Satellite Images

Bureau of Meteorology Satellite Images
Current Radar Images

Bureau of Meteorology Radar Images

Weather from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology record daily weather details from their station at Goomalling. This is about 20 km from Boshack as the Wedgetail Eagle flies.

The Bureau of Meteorology have been collecting weather records from Goomalling from as early as 1887 (for rainfall – very important for farmers). Here is what they can tell you about the long term averages:

Statistics Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Mean maximum temperature (°C) 34.4 33.7 30.8 26.2 21.8 18.3 17.1 17.8 20.4 25 29 32.1 25.6
Mean number of days ≥ 30 °C 20.4 17.9 13.9 5.1 0.5 0 0 0 0.3 3.8 10 16 87.9
Mean minimum temperature (°C) 16.8 17.3 15.6 12.5 9.6 7.7 6.7 6.3 7 9 12.5 15.1 11.3
Mean number of days of rain 1.9 2.2 3 4.8 9.5 13.1 14.4 12.3 9.1 6 3.5 2 81.8

The Bureau’s complete set of long term average records are available here:


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