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Australian Bushfire almost takes Dreamtime

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The fire takes hold

Boshack has a typical scene in reality of what Australian Bushfires can do. As of 14/8/08 everything was normal within one hour of midday 1% of Boshack area which surrounds the aboriginal dreamtime area was a blackened charred burnout.

This is a classic of the damage that can happen in such a short time with the Australian bushfire.The interesting development will be how the burnt area of paperbark trees or Melalucca bark or protection covering ( old time white baby diapers, used for cooking, used by aboriginals for painting on/ as protection on Mia Mia buildings/wrapping wounds for antiseptic use) is so resilient it will come back to life in a very short time with new shoots and growth happening.

The tour path hasnt changed and dreamtime still becomes the area for Outback stories, australian chocolates, didgeridoo playing. The story of the curlew bird and its bush mobile phone qualities with the bird still holding prime position in dreamtime.

Anyone who wishes to be a real Aussie can do so with consuming a witchetty grub in dreamtime as per normal. The worms are fresher than ever.

You also have the opportunity to see if you can get a didgeridoo tune or create other strange noises.

This is the area (once the greenery returns,soon) where relaxation starts to takeover the individual. With all the surrouding water and the greenery fresh air is being made and these areas in some countries become a health retreat because of the healing qualities of fresh air.Many comment how their body has slowed down after Dreamtime and the bushwalk.

This is nature at its best.