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Farm Animals at Boshack Outback

People often ask what animals we have at Boshack Outback. If you are wondering the same thing come on a tour of the farm with me. No need to put on your gumboots as you can see the farm from the comfort of your lounge room chair!

Come with me and I will show you around our farm. Read more


Enjoy Farm Stay Near Perth, WA

Farm Stay Near Perth

Many trust that you can never fully experience the “real” Western Australia unless you step outside the city and far from the drift. The is a real fact that the main part of Western Australians live in Perth (around 1.7 million out of 2.3 million) and an extraordinary great share of the rest live in the local waterfront towns, yet there are those that carry on an alternate kind of existence, live on the land. Read more


Glamping Lakeside in Perth, Western Australia

lake glamping in Perth

Glamping is the new way to enjoy nature at its best. It has been shown that spending time in nature helps us to relax and unwind and lakeside glamping, is a great way to do that. Immerse yourself into the natural surroundings of bush, with lakeside views, a great getaway from Perth one weekend. Read more