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Boshack Happenings

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As you can imagine maintaining a 300-acre property takes a lot of work and there are always things happening. Let me take you on a journey so you can see the what we have been up to at Boshack Outback.

Vegetable Patch

Our vegetable patch needs to be cared for and maintained daily. Recently we have seen the benefits of what we have planted. Carrots and cucumbers have been plentiful and you can enjoy our homegrown goodness when you visit.

Sheep Shearing

Our sheep were due for a haircut so we arranged for a shearer to come out and give them a shear. The shearing shed was a hype of activity and we had lots of helpers. Our staff were busy collecting the wool, throwing the fleece on the table and classing the wool.

The sheep are all set for the year with their new look.


What is a woofer you ask? WOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farm. We have had many overseas tourists working on our property. It gives them a chance to learn about Australia through a cultural exchange program. We have enjoyed having them stay with us and they are getting a taste of the real Australia!


In recent times we have added some geese to our farm. They have an enormous amount of personality. They like to follow people around and are very friendly usually taking food from your hand.


We recently had a new addition to the Boshack clan. A calf was born and I can report that he is fit and healthy.

We need your help to name the calf. The best name will win 2 nights accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children.
The winning name will be pick by the staff at Boshack Outback. You can enter the competition via Facebook by clicking hereCompetition closes 14 July 2017

This is just a snippet of what goes on at Boshack Outback. There are plenty of other jobs to be done on the property and other animals to be looked after.