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Slow Down, Be at Peace and Enjoy your Family

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If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the packages we have available:

Vanessa paid us a visit recently and enjoyed herself thoroughly. Thank you, Vanessa, for the wonderful testimonial.

“You will not get a more unique Australian experience anywhere other than Boshack Outback. Once you hit the unsealed road and see the imperfect, rustic signage, you immediately realize that Boshack is not a place of rules. Boshack brings you back to basics very quickly, it has everything you need yet you are embedded in untouched, real surroundings and you know there is nothing more you want. The stillness and silence bestowed upon you is great in every way.

Boshack gives you the freedom to slow down time, be in peace, enjoy your family and simplify your thought processes. Time moves at your pace at Boshack.

Our two small children were able to do as they please, feed the animals, run through the lake, pick the organic herbs and veggies to do their own ‘cooking’, go canoeing. The two days we spent created memories that you can’t get in the city or at a regular camping ground. We are so glad we came. The fresh air will give you the best night’s sleep.

Derek was fantastic as the host and tour guide. We highly recommend the outback tour which includes feeding the animals, billy tea and damper, aboriginal stories, history and eating delicacies, not to mention riding at the back of the open trailer. How many times would one do this?

Derek’s passion for the best things in life, the Australian way, are reflected in the experience of what is Boshack Outback. Thanks guys, we look forward to coming back!”

– Vanessa and Michael Pereira (Perth, Western Australia)

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