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Farm Animals at Boshack Outback

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People often ask what animals we have at Boshack Outback. If you are wondering the same thing come on a tour of the farm with me. No need to put on your gumboots as you can see the farm from the comfort of your lounge room chair!

Come with me and I will show you around our farm.


Our horses came to Boshack Outback to retire. In their youth they were trotters and race horses but now they prefer the quieter life. Meet Mittance, Midnight and James. Not long after one of the horses arrived we were a little surprised to find out she was expecting! It wasn’t long before we had a foal who gained the name Bo thanks to one of our guests.


The red cow is Flighty and the black cow is Cilla. Recently they had a calf and we asked our followers to help us pick a name for the new baby. There were lots of wonderful suggestions be we could not go past Humphrey, as in Humphrey Bogart. Bolgart is the name of the town where Boshack Outback is located and that is how his name came about.


Currently we are taking care of orphaned joeys. They need to be bottle fed and our guests enjoy lending a helping hand.  They stay in hand made pouches to keep warm, the pouches are big enough for them to move around in but also keep the joey’s snug.


There is a large flock of sheep and they roam the paddocks. At shearing time the shearing shed is a hype of activity. During this period our staff are busy collecting the wool, throwing the fleece on the table and classing the wool.


Our lake is the main attraction for our guests and also for our birds. We have lots of birds who spend their days out on the water. This summer we have welcomed lots of chicks to the farm. These include geese, peacocks, guinea fowl and chickens.


Nip Nip! Fancy catching a Marron or Yabbi? We have plenty in our fresh water lake and you can pull the nets and discover these fresh water beauties!

Fish and Longneck Turtles

Lake Serene has plenty of life under the water as well! There are silver perch fish and at night you can often see Longneck turtles near the waters edge.

These are the main animals we have on the farm and they can change with the season.

We hope to give you a tour of our farm soon!




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