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Getting our children away from screen time and into nature

By | | Perth Tours, Schools

It is alarming how many studies and reports have been done on the amount of screen time our children are having.  This may be watching the TV, playing video games or being on the internet. The days of sending your children outside to play and not come home until dinner time has gone. More and more children today have less and less contact with nature, outside play and activities which effects their interaction with people and how they see the world in general.

The Federal Government’s physical activity guidelines recommend children aged 5-17 should limit screen time to no more than two hours a day and have an hour of physical activity daily.

It is important that we get our children outdoors to play, not only to get their exercise but for a dose of vitamin D from the suns rays. Outdoor play also helps to reduce childhood obesity and depression.

Top Perth Tour offers a Day Countryside Tour which will not only take you to attractions within a 100-kilometre radius of Perth, it will get you in the great outdoors, get in your physical activity and vitamin D!

There are plenty of opportunities for children to get some fresh country air and enjoy being in nature.  They will not even realise that they are getting in their daily exercise by climbing trees, running, jumping, canoeing and walking in the bush.

Get your child excited to enjoy nature, play outdoors and in return it will reduce their screen time, not only it will make your kids happy, healthy, and physically fit, it also stimulates their senses and helps them experience an ever-changing and free-flowing environment.

While young children benefit in many ways in being with nature, it is important that parents get involved in their outdoor activities by offering guidance as your child tries new activities that seems challenging.