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Location for all Seasons

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Boshack is situated in one of the most suitable locations in Western Australia for all year round visitors.

Winter –with only one third the rainfall Perth has Boshack is mostly sunshine, so if it is raining in Perth and you want some sunshine and a nice country drive head to Boshack. 95% of the days are 23 degrees , sunshine.

Summer— we have about 10 really hot days a year , however one day i remember we had 45 children on 45 degrees this was one of our hottest tour days and with the water at Boshack regular sprays when travellling from one location to another and bottles of water spray turned the day into a fun day without a complaint about the hot day at Boshack.

Location— is such that we are not to far North for the summer hot and not to far South for the winter cold. So to see how the old timers lived their lifestyle without power and mod cons makes Boshack and ideal all weather and all year round location.