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Outdoor Kids Activities Should Not Stop In Winter

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Summer is gone and we’re now into winter. This does not mean the outdoor kids activities need to stop. Keeping your kids at home will make them restless and lethargic, especially when they are on the computers all the time. It might also increase their chances of getting sick!

See what has to say:

“Studies have shown that contrary to the common belief that “exposure to cold air causes a cold,” fresh air is good and healthy. When children and adults spend a long time together in indoor spaces that are small, overheated and poorly ventilated, germs and illnesses pass easily from one person to another. In fresh, outdoor air, children do not have to rebreathe the germs of the group, and the chance for spreading infection is reduced.

Children of all ages enjoy and benefit from playing outdoors in all except the most extreme weather. Daily outdoor play is healthy and burns energy. It gives children an opportunity for a change of environment, a balance in play and routine, large muscle activities (gross-motor development). Even children who are mildly ill but active should go outside if the weather is not severe. Staff and children alike will feel refreshed when fresh air is part of the daily routine. Taking children outdoors daily, even in winter, can be a healthy part of their schedule, and is safe when clothing is appropriate.”

Here at Boshack Outback, our activities run all year round. If you visited us in summer, come see what we look like in the winter. Remember to bring a cardigan or sweater!