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Boshack – where fun, laughter, inner peace and tranquility all came together in the real Australian outback

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Joanne and Mike, we’re glad you enjoyed your time at Boshack. You experienced exactly what we want everyone to experience. 🙂

“Boshack – where fun, laughter, inner peace and tranquility all came together in the real (non touristy) Australian outback! Boshack provided us with so much insight and an opportunity to experience the true Australian outback that we would highly recommend this place! Derek and the team were so friendly and accommodating and really went out of their way to make sure that we got what we expected!

We booked the 3 day Australian Outback Rustic Farm Stay and this natural rustic environment provided us with the opportunity to do all sorts of activities. We did a bushwalk and listened to the local tales and aboriginal stories. We learnt how to throw a boomerang, and play the didgeridoo. We fed the local livestock including the emu and kangaroos and did some amazing star gazing. We were even given the opportunity to do some “reflection” on life – which we never seem to do and yet these natural surroundings of “inner peace and tranquility” really inspired us to reflect and share our life’s experiences.

Even the accommodation, “rustic humpies”, whilst very basic, was really comfortable, spotlessly clean and added to the ambiance of the whole trip! The food was super delicious and finally the lake, well it’s not called Lake Serene for no reason – this place has really touched our hearts and we will be going back to Boshack!!”

– Joanne and Mike (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

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