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Perth School Holidays in Luxury Camping

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Boshack is fast becoming recognized as the fuel saver all year round holiday destination for families that can now experience the outback within 100k of Perth as the crow flies.

Camping within 5 metres of Lake Serene and being a part of the daily animal feeding gives the family the opportunity to give their children the “Back to the Farm” experience that many parents used to often do.

The lake is only 1.5 metres deep in the centre and about .5 metre deep at about 20 metres from shore.

You have the opportunity to do the tours if you have the time or the inclination.

Marshmellows over the fire at night and Pizza’s in the bush Pizza oven are a speciality. All meals are by means of BBQ or if you wish to cook something the Pizza oven and 20 banksia nuts is all you need to cook a 2 pound roast of lamb pork or chicken.

See the Worm Farm grow as it gets ready to feed the fish which will then supply the ingredients for a hydroponic veggie garden.