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What parents can do to prevent Nature Deficit Disorder

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So what can parents do to prevent Nature Deficit Disorder? The following tips can help you.

Be a Role Model

Remember, children will get excited about something when you are genuinely excited about it, too! Model the behavior you want your children to emulate. Demonstrate your own curiosity about nature sharing what you love to do in the outdoors with your kids. You can model respect for nature through simple everyday activities like recycling and not littering. Sharing your natural interests is the best motivation a child can have to participate.

Plan a monthly or weekly surprise outdoor adventure

Every Sunday, or once a month, plan a surprise outdoor trip with your kids. You could go to your local river, beach, forest, nature preserve, or city park! Planning surprise family fun time builds kids’ excitement for the next adventure, and helps demonstrate how you value your time with them.

Organize a monthly outing with your child’s school.

Be the parent who plans the monthly outing with families in your child’s class. Exploring the great outdoors can be easier and closer than you think. Trips can include Pebble Beach, the Everglades, Blue Ridge Mountains, swamps, state parks, or fly fishing. Do some research on beautiful areas near your school. Build community with your child’s class and instill in them a love of nature.