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School Camps In Aussie Outback near Perth

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Experience the life our pioneers had. No electricity, no phones and Nature at its best.

Overseas schools visit and stay to reap the rewards of peace ,quiet and what Nature has to offer.

An Overseas Government study has established that the aggression and stress which is rising in the class room has been described as Nature deficiency syndrome and their children will be spending 3-4 days at Boshack to get back to Nature and what it has to offer.

Play stations are left in the bags , more fun is had exploring the bush, canoeing, feeding the animals, preparing for evening supper and cooking marshmallows over the nightly campfire.

In season assistance can be given in burning up the rubbish trees or catching yabbies for supper.

Hot water showers are available all the time by means of the old fashioned “Donkey” and all you need to do is put an extra log on after your shower. Watch the satellites or shooting stars or just the stars as you shower.

The worm Farm is in full swing in preparing the soil for the organic garden and the worms for the fish feed which in turn create the valuable fertilizer for the hydroponic garden which is getting close to completion.

Tours can be experienced of Aboriginal Dreamtime and didgeridoo playing with bush chocolates and witchetty grubs for morning tea, bushtucker of kangaroo, emu and crocodile can be tasted with bush sauces.

The animals are fed daily and if required you can go on a special animal feeding safari where you are in the cage looking out from within as the animals are fed their daily rations.

Bush walks take place to areas very seldom been to by man. We visit a filter lake that removes the salt from the water that then goes into a freshwater lake.