Boshack Outback has bush corridors to get nature back into balance. Children will be able to experience pristine nature as it was many years ago and view the rehabilitation of badly affected salt lands. Walk through the bushland to see kangaroo trails and experience springs with bubbling water. We have water holes for catching freshwater crayfish and Lake Serene for fishing. View our very own worm farms and understand composting. See how we make use of solar energy and wind to power our facilities.

All year round location: little or no rain to interrupt activities
Activities start one hour from Perth: no more long expensive bus rides
Save on travel expenses: short bus hire or take the train through Avon Valley
Isolation: provide security from from unwanted visitors
Australian history: experience life of early pioneers and understand aboriginal history
Bed bug free : Nature works for us to guarantee a bug free bed.
We cater to every budget

Only 90 minutes from Perth, Western Australia, there is so much to experience at Boshack Outback’s school camps with its abundance of nature and simple living. At Boshack Outback, we take the students back to a time of no TVs, ipods, computers and mobile phones. Learning in nature can give our children the opportunity to experience the balance of mind and body to take with them on their journey through life.

Boshack Outback offers school camps and experiences based around a real Australian Outback adventure. We put together a unique set of activities for each school camp and and provide quiet tranquil areas created for group discussions or relaxation.

We have hosted school excursions and camps for Australian and international schools like China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and look forward to providing fun and education for more schools.

Educated by Nature has joined with Boshack as Facilitators with world wide experience of seeing how other people deal with nature and children. Their experience and approach is proving to be a winner with all schools who have had the opportunity to experience.

Activities offered at Boshack

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  • Outdoor Education
  • Relationship with Nature
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Orienteering and Bushwalking
  • Team Building
  • Lake Canoeing
  • Obstacle Course
  • Raft Building
  • Fish Netting
  • Bush Tracking
  • Aboriginal Culture and Heritage
  • Live the life of the early settlers in humpies
  • Play ball with Jake, the farm dog
  • Farm Animal Feeds
  • Fishing for Freshwater Crayfish
  • Water Divining feel the force (find water in the bush)
  • Boomerang Throwing
  • Lakeside and Bush Sketching
  • Life Reflection and Relaxation Time
  • Sustainable Living
  • Permaculture
  • Worm Farm and Composting
  • Organic Gardens and Plant Growing
  • Conservation, Regeneration and Land Management
  • Survival in the Outback