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Ten steps to create a healthy vegetable patch

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Ten steps to create a healthy vegetable patch


Dr Ross Mars is a well know teacher and permaculture expert who spent time at Boshack Outback. During his stay he helped us to create a healthy vegetable patch. Here is what we learned during his stay.

  1. The vegetable patch base can be raised or lowered depending on your preference. If you create a raised patch it is recommended that you have raised wall.
  2. Try and make the base 1.2 metres wide at the most
  3. You need wettable soil to successfully grow vegetables. To test the soil pour a cup of water into a small hole, if you can count to 10 before the water is completely absorbed then it is not to satisfaction.
  4. Use non wetting soil – wax
  5. Choose your preferred vegetables and fruit.
  6. Do not plant the same things too close together as they attract insects
  7. Plant tall plants as shade
  8. When planting, push soil against roots to minimise oxygen around roots as they dry out
  9.    Drown plants in water before planting and separate the plants.
  10. Use cross sticks to train plants to grow up


  •         Don’t plant Kale and Broccoli in rows. Mix it up to disguise plants from bugs, butterflies and other pesticides.
  •         Tomato works well with basil

We are grateful to have Dr Ross come and help us set up our garden as we are able to use the plants in our cooking. Our vegetable patch is now thriving!

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