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What the Penrhos Students had to say

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The students from Penrhos College recently spent the day at Boshack Outback and had a wonderful experience. Below is what Year 4 students Sian and Hayley had to say.

Year 4 Boshack Excursion

During the lead-up to our Boshack excursion we felt excited and nervous. We had to get up about 5:45am to get to school before sunrise. On the bus ride, which took two hours, we sang and chanted and we had some puzzles which we had to figure out. We also shouted out animal names as we saw them in the paddocks that we passed. We were over the moon when we finally got to Boshack. After a brief introduction, we had billy tea, which one of our tour guides swung around in the billy to make tea leaves sink to the bottom. For morning tea we also had a delicious damper with jam and cream, banana bread and fresh fruit. After and longer and more informative introduction, we got to try some witchetty grubs and herded sheep across the paddock and into a pen. After a scrumptious lunch of burgers, the group swapped activities. We then held some yabbie and walked through a paperbark forest. It was then time to board the bus for the return journey to Penrhos. As the day was an amazing experience, we were all extremely sad to leave. We would recommend this adventure to anyone.

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