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Boshack Outback School Camp on Sustainable Leadership

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Boshack Outback School Camp on  Sustainable Leadership

Last week, a Boshack Outback School Camp was held for the Year 9 students of Waldorf School in Perth, led by Paddy Hocking, to inspire and educate school children about sustainability and the natural environment through hands-on experience combined with adventure and exploration in the 300 acre real working farm of Boshack Outback.

The transformation of these youngsters within this short timeframe was absolutely amazing. Paddy is indeed gifted with the ability to deliver the message, with calm demeanor, to these youngsters, thereby achieving the goal of the Sustainability Boshack School Camp – to foster awareness and behavior change via different activities, and reflection in the main areas of environmental sustainability: land, air, food, water, and energy. He had the school kids engaged in daily activities to improve the natural environment, and highlighted the relevant impact on our environment.

In preparation for the exercise and the successful implementation of this school camp, Boshack Outback too allowed an area of the farm to deteriorate.  And wow! These Perth Waldorf youngsters really did excel! They cleared and cleaned up the deteriorated area, methodically replanted focusing on organic food using available resources, covered the shade house and delivered simply astounding end results!

Perth Waldorf students work at Boshack Outback School Camp
Perth Waldorf students work at Boshack Outback School Camp

Since environmental studies are considered a very significant part of a school curriculum, the environment of the Boshack Outback farm fitted in really well with the program planned out by Paddy Hocking – to skillfully transform classroom theoretical learning to real life hands on working experience on Boshack Outback farm, thereby also broadening the students knowledge of the land in respect to environmental sustainability.

Thank you Perth Waldorf students and Paddy Hocking for an amazing coming of age Boshack School Camp.  Your constructive input and guidance in helping these young students to develop a spirit for adventure and a love of nature, an understanding of sustainability concepts, to respect our natural environment and to conserve resources is indeed commendable.


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