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Perth School Camp Location – Boshack Outback

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Turn off your mobile phone, pre-record your favorite TV show, take in a deep breath of city air and exhale till blue in the face. You are now ready to explore one of Australia’s most fascinating back to basic, eco experience on offer. Choose Boshack Outback as your Perth school camp location.

Here are some highlights school camp activities:

Design/Plan and Build a Bush Shelter: In teams, plan and decide on a design for your bush shelter. Using your imagination, build your bush shelter from materials that you can find in the bush.

Obstacle Course: Boshack’s obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles in which individuals or teams must navigate through. This obstacle course includes running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing endurance and your team’s communication skills.

Orienteering – Land and Water: For land orienteering, navigate your way through the bush with a map. Retrieve the hidden story of Boshack. Next, try your hand at lake orienteering on our fresh water lake. Maneuver your way between the trees to find the secrets to the rest of the Boshack story.

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