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School Camp 2011 – Go Back to Nature and Experience Simple Living

At Boshack Outback we aim to create a personal touch and provide a school camp that is fun, rewarding and safe. Situated only 90 minutes from Perth and surrounded by pristine bushland, Boshack Outback is the perfect setting for a school camp.

Boshack Outback’s programs incorporate education in nature, bushland, eco learning, outdoor education, team building and life reflections – all in one camp. We offer packages and rates to suit all budgets and needs. View our latest programs and offerings.

5 Day 4 Night Camp Program with Survivor Challenge (Local) (533kb)
5 Day 4 Night Camp Program with Survivor Challenge (Overseas) (534kb)

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Feature on Boshack Outback by VanTasticRoadtrip

*SPOILERS ALERT* If you are coming to Boshack anytime soon, don’t watch this yet! Watch it after your visit.

On their roadtrip through the Western Australia with Van-Tastic Adventures, Patrick and Alex visited Boshack Outback to play the didgeridoo, toss a boomerang and try the witchetty grub. Follow the adventures at http://www.vantastic.worldnomads.com, or on Twitter @Van_Tastic.

Thank you, VanTasticRoadtrip, for the wonderful feature!


Boshack Outback Has Live Chat

To serve you better, Boshack Outback has introduced Live Chat. We are available from 7pm to 8pm weeknights to answer any questions you might have. Simply click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of our website. We look forward to chatting with you.

If you prefer the phone, we can still be contacted at:
Phone: 0408 005 628 (Australia)
Phone: +61 4 0800 5628 (International)


New Tour Package – 2 Day Australian Outback Rustic Farm Stay

Canoeing Afternoon Light
Bush Tucker
Didgeridoo Playing
Drenching Sheep

Boshack Outback has a new tour package! By popular demand, we have come up with a tour package that covers accommodation, tours, meals and pick up from Toodyay. With our ready-to-go tour package, you can save the hassle of planning for your trip.

So, why pick up from Toodyay? Well, your tour will start from Perth where you catch a train to Toodyay. You will experience one of Western Australia’s most scenic train ride through the Swan Valley wine region and Avon Valley. See the Avon River, where the international Avon Descent takes place every year, and picturesque hills. You will also get to pick up a special Boshack lollie package for the children at the Toodyay Visitor Centre.

Here is a sample of activities that await you:

  • enjoy billy tea and damper scones
  • netting of fresh water crayfish
  • feed free range farm animals
  • throw a boomerang and see if it will come back
  • learn to find water in the bush
  • listen to aboriginal dreamtime stories and taste a witchetty grub
  • take an eerie paper bark forest walk
  • view the historic well founded by early pioneers
  • hay ride through open spaces on the Boshack Express
  • bush walk on old kangaroo trails
  • experience positive energy at the area picked out by Dr. Copa – the popular feng shui master
  • sit under the trees at the reflection area to soak in the peace and tranquility
  • canoeing on safe shallow waters
  • feeding of the kangaroo and emu
  • seasonal campfire
  • enjoy skies full of millions of stars
  • two nights in our lakeside humpies
  • all authentic Aussie meals provided, including full BBQ lunch, pizzas and burger

Read more about our tour package here.

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Triple Celebration at Toodyay

Toodyay had a triple celebration last month with the relaunch of the Shire Library, Connor’s Mill and Newcastle Gaol.

The Minister of Moore attended the functions to officially launch the buildings, which have undergone unique transformations for the benefit of community members and visitors to the Town.

Changes –

  • Toodyay Public Library: RFID checkout technology, increased Internet facilities, plasma displays and interior enchancements
  • Connor’s Mill: Upper floor opened, new displays featuring Agriculture theme, external lighting to enhance night beauty
  • Newcastle Gaol: Elimination of dampness on walls, historic work equipment installed outside of building, upgraded displays and new temporary exhibition area

Also worth noting is the return of the “Crime and Punishment” – one of Newcastle Gaol’s well-known exhibitions. It features the chance to become convicts for a day – experience rules, mock punishments and wear convict uniform of the 1850s. The exhibition focuses on the life of convicts in the Shire, as well as some of Toodyay’s notorious criminals. A great experience for students. The exhibition will run from 15 April to 15 June 2010. Call the Gaol for details at 9574 2435.

Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area.

Toodyay Public Library – 96 Stirling Terrace
Connor’s Mill – corner Stirling Terrace and Harper Road
Newcastle Gaol – Clinton Street

Information and pictures published here is with courtesy of the Shire of Toodyay.


Something about Boshack Outback

Boshack has preserved the real Australia of pioneering times. It’s unique and pristine.

A magical place where emotions of wonderment and admiration evolve as the meander through the special places begins.

An important reminder of the heritage of pioneering settlers and the aborigines before them, it’s nature’s shrine to their lives.

The bush areas remain untouched, and authentic structures replicate early shelters built from found timber and natural brush thatching just as the pioneers constructed them.

Hear of their Spartan diet provided by living off the land. They learned how to utilize natural bush tucker such as nuts, seeds and roots to supplement the native animals they caught. Times were difficult and how enterprising and resourceful they had to be to survive.

The Boshack experience walks you back in time and for part of a day you can see, feel and absorb the peace of the Australian bush and only imagine and admire the resourcefulness displayed by our forebears as they settled the district.

The owners have developed a wonderful tour following the natural trails through the bush highlighting the features and species of flora in their native environs. Informed and descriptive commentary on the local wildlife makes the walks interesting.

Contemplate the serenity of the beautiful freshwater lake and its wild birds as you canoe and drink in the calming atmosphere on the water. No excursion is complete without refreshments and the tastes of the food the early pioneers and a hearty Aussie bush barbeque lunch and afternoon tea as part of a perfect package.

A day at Boshack offers a new perspective on eco tourism and a rare peek back in time with custodians who respect and love the bush and welcome the chance to share an unforgettable experience.

– Written by local correspondent Gwenda Mcgill


Australian Bushfire almost takes Dreamtime

The fire takes hold

Boshack has a typical scene in reality of what Australian Bushfires can do. As of 14/8/08 everything was normal within one hour of midday 1% of Boshack area which surrounds the aboriginal dreamtime area was a blackened charred burnout.

This is a classic of the damage that can happen in such a short time with the Australian bushfire.The interesting development will be how the burnt area of paperbark trees or Melalucca bark or protection covering ( old time white baby diapers, used for cooking, used by aboriginals for painting on/ as protection on Mia Mia buildings/wrapping wounds for antiseptic use) is so resilient it will come back to life in a very short time with new shoots and growth happening.

The tour path hasnt changed and dreamtime still becomes the area for Outback stories, australian chocolates, didgeridoo playing. The story of the curlew bird and its bush mobile phone qualities with the bird still holding prime position in dreamtime.

Anyone who wishes to be a real Aussie can do so with consuming a witchetty grub in dreamtime as per normal. The worms are fresher than ever.

You also have the opportunity to see if you can get a didgeridoo tune or create other strange noises.

This is the area (once the greenery returns,soon) where relaxation starts to takeover the individual. With all the surrouding water and the greenery fresh air is being made and these areas in some countries become a health retreat because of the healing qualities of fresh air.Many comment how their body has slowed down after Dreamtime and the bushwalk.

This is nature at its best.


Perth Surrounds all within 100k

The journey to Boshack can include all the following (more detailed) and is all within 100k of Perth as the crow flies.

Once a booking has been confirmed we supply a google map and allowing two full days and 2 nights in the country we can give you a map of locations inspected by Boshack that we can recommend you visit. This is a new tour area and has just been used for group tours and is becoming very popular for Self Drive as well as groups especially with the price of fuel.

The journey covers the oldest to the newest wineries, lavender and Olive farms, wildlife parks, small animal parks, boutique breweries , organic wineries, free candy shop , pick your own oranges in season, Pinnacles ,Beaches , Tree Top Walk , El Caballo Blanco (Andulusian dancing horses ) and some amazing drives all within 100k as the crow flies from Perth. Hopefully coming on soon Wild Kangaroo feeding.


Location for all Seasons

Boshack is situated in one of the most suitable locations in Western Australia for all year round visitors.

Winter –with only one third the rainfall Perth has Boshack is mostly sunshine, so if it is raining in Perth and you want some sunshine and a nice country drive head to Boshack. 95% of the days are 23 degrees , sunshine.

Summer— we have about 10 really hot days a year , however one day i remember we had 45 children on 45 degrees this was one of our hottest tour days and with the water at Boshack regular sprays when travellling from one location to another and bottles of water spray turned the day into a fun day without a complaint about the hot day at Boshack.

Location— is such that we are not to far North for the summer hot and not to far South for the winter cold. So to see how the old timers lived their lifestyle without power and mod cons makes Boshack and ideal all weather and all year round location.

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Humans Experience Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature & fresh air starts to play its role.

Due to the crowding of classrooms, computers and play games it has been researched that children showing
signs of aggression and stress could be suffering from Nature Deficiency Syndrome.

The pristine bushland at Boshack will be an ideal place for such students to visit and experience the peace, tranquility,and what the Australian Bush has to offer so we have been told by the Head of Outdoor Activities of all schools from a particular country.