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Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Oct 22, 2010

Feature on Boshack Outback by VanTasticRoadtrip

*SPOILERS ALERT* If you are coming to Boshack anytime soon, don’t watch this yet! Watch it after your visit. [youtube=] On their roadtrip through the Western Australia with

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Oct 19, 2010

Boshack Outback Has Live Chat

To serve you better, Boshack Outback has introduced Live Chat. We are available from 7pm to 8pm weeknights to answer any questions you might have. Simply click on

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst May 11, 2010

Triple Celebration at Toodyay

Toodyay had a triple celebration last month with the relaunch of the Shire Library, Connor’s Mill and Newcastle Gaol. The Minister of Moore attended the functions to officially

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst May 8, 2010

Something about Boshack Outback

Boshack has preserved the real Australia of pioneering times. It’s unique and pristine. A magical place where emotions of wonderment and admiration evolve as the meander through the

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Aug 15, 2008

Australian Bushfire almost takes Dreamtime

Boshack has a typical scene in reality of what Australian Bushfires can do. As of 14/8/08 everything was normal within one hour of midday 1% of Boshack area

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Jul 5, 2008

Perth Surrounds all within 100k

The journey to Boshack can include all the following (more detailed) and is all within 100k of Perth as the crow flies. Once a booking has been confirmed

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Jul 5, 2008

Location for all Seasons

Boshack is situated in one of the most suitable locations in Western Australia for all year round visitors. Winter –with only one third the rainfall Perth has Boshack

Deryck Brockhurst
By Chrissy Brockhurst Apr 30, 2008

Humans Experience Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature & fresh air starts to play its role. Due to the crowding of classrooms, computers and play games it has been researched that children showing signs of


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